• Dennis & Sally
    December 2017
    Seven days of heaven for our family Christmas vacation! Kids, grandchildren and parents party of 10. View was amazing as well as the beach. House was a perfect size for all of us. Sandra was amazing and very helpful to all of us. Lots of questions answered and great direction. Can't wait to come back. Thank you for the hospitality and sharing your house.
  • Steve, Sarah, Molly, Nathan & John Klinge
    April 2017
    We had a wonderful and exciting time here exploring the Exumas. Our son-in-law Steve took us to all the hot spots- unbelievable beaches, reefs for snorkling, the best food and drinks, not to mention this luxurious home in paradise. It was a great family time since we live far apart in the States - Cleveland and Clearwater, Florida. Our 11 & 14-year-old grandsons love it here - their 3rd time here! Steve drove the car and boat everywhere. We just sat back and relaxed. As I sit here looking out the window I still can't believe the view. Thanks for the opportunity & for all of Sandra's guidance.
  • The Fishers
    April 2017
    We enjoyed our stay at your beautiful home and loved the locations, beach, volleyball court and layout of your home. It generously accommodated our crowd. Unfortunately, the dishwasher didn't work and middle shower flooded each time- but did this hamper our stay. The Exumas and the people were very welcoming. Highly recommend Sandra she is unparalleled in getting what & who you need. Massage by Nitsa was spectacular. Four O's was a perfect full day outing and we recommend the private tour if you have enough in your party. Sandra found / recommended JJ who took us on the flats for bonefishing - so much fun and really a surreal place of beauty. As a bonus, we caught a couple a couple of great sized ones. We mentioned before Sandra is a true asset and one of the best caretakers ever. She is really the greatest resource and went above and beyond to make our stay memorable! Till next time! The Fishers GO PACK!
  • The Bahama Mamas
    April 2017
    Loved our time here- an amazing place! The gorgeous house, the palm trees, the beach, and the gorgeous and vivid people of Exuma!!! Hope we will come back again. <3 <3 xxxooo Thank you so much! GO HEELS!
  • Captain Robert Adams & Dr. Kelly & Our Folks
    March 2017
    We chose this place to vacation, and a meeting place for in-laws to meet for the first time - brave or stupid I'm not sure... But it all turned out perfect. We had a bit of bad weather and did not get to explore all the island had to offer. But the comforts of the house let us all get to know each other. Sandra is fantastic! And highly recommend getting in contact with Nitza for massage. Thanks!

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